W2S1 [θæŋk] v [T]
[: Old English; Origin: thancian]
1.) to tell someone that you are pleased and grateful for something they have done, or to be polite about it
I haven't had a chance to thank him yet.
thank sb for (doing) sth
Did you thank Uncle Ron for the present?
Madeleine thanked everyone for coming.
2.) thank God/goodness/heavens
used to show that you are very glad about something
Thank God that's over! I've never been so nervous in my life!
thank God/goodness/heavens for
'Only ten miles to go.' 'Thank heavens for that!'
3.) thank your lucky stars
spoken used to tell someone that they are very lucky, especially because they have avoided an unpleasant or dangerous situation
You should thank your lucky stars I got here when I did!
4.) only have yourself to thank (for sth)
spoken used to say that you are responsible for something bad that has happened to you
She has only herself to thank if she doesn't have any friends.
5.) you'll thank me
spoken used to tell someone not to be annoyed with you for doing or saying something, because it will be helpful to them later
You'll thank me for this one day, Laura.
6.) sb won't thank you (for doing sth)
used to tell someone that another person will be annoyed because of what they have done
I know you're just trying to help, but he won't thank you for telling him how to do it.
7.) I'll thank you to do sth
spoken formal used to tell someone in an angry way not to do something because it is annoying you
I'll thank you to mind your own business.
8.) have sb to thank for (doing) sth
to say that you are grateful to someone who is responsible for something good happening. This expression is sometimes used humorously to mean that you are not grateful for what someone has done
I have Phil to thank for getting me my first job.
And who do I have to thank for that mess on my desk?
→↑thank you

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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